Blog: Nicola Sturgeon’s officials demanded Queen Elizabeth II and Brexit be removed from Platinum Jubilee book – The Telegraph

Nicola Sturgeon’s government refused to endorse a book for primary children commemorating the Platinum Jubilee despite demanding that mentions of Queen Elizabeth II, Brexit and England’s 1966 World Cup victory be removed.

Official emails showed the Scottish government asked for 52 changes to be made to the draft text of the book, which was meant as a gift for children across the UK, only to disassociate itself from the project.

Ms Sturgeon’s officials made clear to the UK Government and publisher DK Books that “the Scottish government is not content to be acknowledged at all in the development or production of this book”.

All primary children in England from year six to reception automatically received a copy of the book, titled Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration, but Scottish schools were forced to opt in online if they wanted some for their pupils.

But the emails showed the Scottish government’s curriculum and qualifications division objected to the book using the title Queen Elizabeth II as “she is not the second Queen Elizabeth here”.

This was a reference to the Union of the Crowns of England and Scotland occurring after the death of Elizabeth I in 1603.

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