Blog: Liz Truss is the best hope for a true Brexit, says JACOB REES-MOGG – Express

Conservative party members, many of whom are readers of the Daily and Sunday Express, are responsible for making a weighty decision which will define the future of the Government.

We have the opportunity to choose a future Prime Minister who believes in free markets, who will fulfil the mandate the British people gave to the Conservatives under Boris Johnson in 2019 to exploit the opportunities of Brexit to the full, to cut taxes for hardworking Britons and plant the seeds of prosperity throughout the whole country.

It is for these reasons that Liz Truss has my full support.

Over the last fortnight her campaign has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to her experience as a minister who delivers on her promises and gets things done, she earned strong support among MPs and has built a healthy following among the party’s members.

She has developed a compelling policy agenda that will strengthen the economy, steel Britain for the challenges facing us, and give the Conservatives the best chance at winning the next general election.

Most importantly, she knows that it is vital to safeguard Brexit for the future and complete the promises that the Conservatives made to the British people under Boris Johnson in 2019. This was a hard-won achievement by the Prime Minister and it must not be undone. Thankfully Liz has proved herself a strong advocate of the benefits of Brexit as a minister.

As International Trade Secretary, she set in motion brand new trade deals with Australia and New Zealand, as well as expanding and improving deals we inherited from the EU with countries like Mexico and Japan.

As Foreign Secretary she has been forthright in ensuring the Government protects the integrity of the United Kingdom by tackling the Northern Ireland Protocol and challenging the EU.

Her recent endorsement by the Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, is testament to her success as Foreign Secretary.

Throughout the campaign, voters have been clear about the need to cut inflation and the cost of living, which are reaching dangerous levels.

High inflation has many causes, not just supply chain disruption from the war in Ukraine and the pandemic, but also the monetary response to the pandemic, as central banks around the world pumped more money into the system.

Inflation hits those on low and fixed incomes worst of all. When it beds in it must be rooted out as quickly as possible, and doing so must be the priority of any new government.

Liz will challenge the Treasury orthodoxy, which has led to the highest tax burden in 70 years and is on track to increase taxes on business by a third in the spring, a damaging move at the worst possible time.

The Treasury has no convincing strategy to bring inflation down.

Liz’s economic agenda, by contrast, is clear: We need to do everything to improve economic growth. Economic growth is the keystone which holds everything together, whether it is reducing inflation, improving the health service or delivering levelling up.

This means cancelling the forthcoming corporation tax increase and finally reminding businesses that a Conservative government is on their side, instead of treating them like a bottomless pot of honey.

We need to help the British people pay their energy bills this winter. This means getting rid of the green levies that successive governments have imposed on bills. In a global energy crisis, with prices through the roof, these levies are immoral.

She is the most likely contender to enact the supply side-reforms that Brexiteers like me have been calling for. We will not be able to cut the cost of energy without rapidly increasing its supply.

As things stand, too many regulatory barriers stand in the way of extracting domestic oil and gas, whether that is from the North Sea or under our own feet, as well as setting up new nuclear power stations which will provide sustainable energy for the future.

Liz’s leadership offers the Party the best chance of reuniting after a fractious year. She will secure Brexit and Boris Johnson’s legacy, while her economic policies will deliver growth and prosperity after two decades of stagnation.

This will be our best path to victory at the general election.

Conservative Party members and Daily and Sunday Express readers are wise people who understand the solutions that Britain needs.

Liz is the best person to provide them and prevent the return of a wasteful, woke government under Sir Keir’s Labour Party.

  • The Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP is Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency

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