Blog: RBI imposes restrictions on two co-operative banks – Times of India

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank on Thursday said it has imposed several restrictions, including on fund withdrawals, on two Uttar Pradesh-based co-operative banks in view of their deteriorating financial position.
The two lenders are Lucknow Urban Co-operative Bank and Urban Co-operative Bank Limited, Sitapur.
The restrictions under the Banking Regulation Act will remain in force for six months.
Customers of Lucknow Urban Co-operative Bank will not able to withdraw more than Rs 30,000, as per an RBI statement.
The withdrawal limit in the case of Urban Co-operative Bank is Rs 50,000 per customer, it said in another statement.
The two banks, without permission of the RBI, cannot grant loans, make any investment, incur any liability — including borrowal of funds and acceptance of fresh deposits, disburse or dispose of properties or assets.


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