Blog: We should not pay EU a penny until they back down on Northern Ireland BERNARD INGHAM – Express

Rishi Sunak has been curiously silent about rampaging public sector unions and Liz Truss did not get on the case until Monday. But I fear she does not go far enough requiring a higher strike vote and a minimum service. Altogether the unions represent fewer than seven million of the nation’s labour force yet they are bent on disrupting services funded by the taxpayer in a summer of discontent. Things have reached a pretty pass when doctors threaten to go on strike. So much for their Hippocratic oath to protect life at all times.

GPs are no better in playing hard to get with their patients. The concept of public service has clearly flown out of the window and badly needs restoring.

My solution is simple: legally ban strikes in defined public services, subject to new arrangements for settling disputes; and require all NHS medical practices routinely to see patients for consultation and provide a 24-hour service from full-time staff.

It is an utter disgrace that hospital accident and emergency departments are overwhelmed because GP practices are not doing their job.

“Remote” consultation may have made sense during the pandemic, though no one knows the cost in terms of missed diagnoses, but it can no longer be justified.

Lest you think I am just reacting to popular discontent, I should report that I have not seen a GP in my practice for three years even though at 90 I have a portfolio of medical problems.

The second minority impeding the smooth working of the nation is that collection of environmental zealots going under various names from Extinction Rebellion to Insulate Britain. These dangerous idiots – and I use the words advisedly – would bring the country to a halt in the name of zero carbon.

Glueing themselves to motorways, oil companies and even oil-based works of art is the least of their threat. If they got their way, they would end Britain as an industrial country by leaving us without motive power.

In trying to clean up the atmosphere, they offer only a return to the Dark Ages and in the process leave us at the tender mercies of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

My solution is to toughen the law so that any interference with the free passage of vehicles and pedestrians going about their lawful business is viewed as a serious offence against civil liberty. We have altogether too many people who think they are entitled to impose their will on us.

Which brings me to the wokerati. No one knows their number but it is plain that they infest “human relations” departments of public and private organisations as well as national institutions and especially academia. They have but one objective: to impose their minority will on the rest of us.

My earnest hope is that the new PM will let the fallen leadership candidate, Kemi Badenoch, loose on them and their totalitarian ways. They are not in the business of civil liberty but repression.

My fourth bete noir is the fifth column – Remainers – behind the EU and more especially a vindictive post-Brexit France, which is blatantly disrupting holiday traffic, especially through Dover, by pettifogging bureaucracy and failure to supply enough bureaucrats to handle the predictable traffic.

I have not the slightest doubt that this disruption is encouraged by  Remainers who have made no secret of their belief that UK EU-membership is on the cards again now that they have felled Boris Johnson in a coup.

Here we have a minority – as proven by the Brexit referendum – trying to wag the dog’s tail against the wishes of the people. It is one of the more miserable aspects of our democracy.

It might even be described as (mindless) treason because it conspires against our national sovereignty and even encourages the failing EU’s annexation of Northern Ireland. My solution is to put an indefinite block on any further payment of the £42bn debt we are supposed to owe the EU after terminating our membership.

Not a penny more would be paid until the EU gets its hands off Northern Ireland and ensures free and unfettered trade and legitimate traffic between the UK and the Continent. Come on Sunak and Truss, show some real Tory backbone. As of now, Ms Truss looks the more likely. We shall see.        

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