Blog: Europe doing all it can to frustrate us in Brexit row, says Keith Woods – Express

There have since been a number of issues created by European stubbornness: Northern Ireland, migrants crossing the Channel illegally and the chaos as people try to get into France (“Holidaymakers facing a summer of disruptions”, July 25). Now we have what I consider a blow below the belt, as blue badge recognition in European countries like France and Spain is under threat (“Blue-badge talks put disabled in EU ‘limbo’”, July 25).

What else can these people do to turn the UK against Europe even more?

Keith Woods, Manchester


Time to let French know just how we are feeling

WHY do we have a French border check on British soil?

If the French/EU want to inspect and stamp everyone’s passport, let them do it on their territory.

Let them feel the contempt of those attempting to enter France.

Better still, boycott the country altogether.

Chris Morgan, Gloucester


Chaos is being caused by stubbornness, not Brexit

Remainers blame Brexit for the travel delays because the French border police now stamp and examine passports.

If the French knew there was extra work, why did they only have six booths for border officials open at Dover at the weekend, when there are 12 booths?

Surely the number should have been increased.

This is French intransigence. If they were not looking at passports before, no wonder terrorists could cross freely.

Thomas Sayers, Saltburn, N Yorkss


We should boycott France until it stops punishing us

Until the French stop punishing us for leaving the EU we should all stop taking holidays in France.

There are other ferry ports to get to Spain. Boycott Dover to Calais and if the tourist industry suffers President Macron may see he needs to be more cordial to his friends across the water.

Suzi White, Taunton, Somerset

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