Blog: James O’Brien schools Leave voter who asks him to stop mentioning Brexit – LBC

James O’Brien schools Leave voter who asks him to stop mentioning Brexit

23 June 2022, 13:08 | Updated: 23 June 2022, 17:30

James O’Brien had a firm response to this Leave voter who asked him to stop mentioning Brexit because it was “unbelievably boring” and “almost childlike”.

It comes on the 6th anniversary of the Brexit vote and amid reports that the Brexit deal is “making businesses and consumers poorer” and has damaged Britain’s competitiveness.

A report by The Resolution Foundation said leaving the EU has reduced how open and competitive Britain’s economy is, which in turn is reducing productivity and workers’ real wages.

It also said the immediate impact of the referendum result has been clear, with a “depreciation-driven inflation spike” increasing the cost of living for households and business investment falling.

“We haven’t done idiot-watch in a while have we?” James said, before proceeding to read a text from Rob in Ascot.

“Would it be possible, can we dream, that just one day maybe you don’t mention Brexit. So unbelievably boring, you’re almost childlike because you didn’t get your way all those years ago. Get over it, thanks in advance,” it read.

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James replied: “Rob mate, as soon as it’s going well, I’ll stop talking about it.

“I think the key question is, why on earth would you not be celebrating a victory? Especially on the 6th anniversary of that victory.

“Remember everybody dancing in the streets at that time? You were probably there with your little flag Rob. Why aren’t you celebrating now mate?

“Why don’t you want it to be even talked about? That’s the question you should be asking.”

“Because you feel like a prat mate,” James continued, offering Rob a “prescription for self-improvement”: “Stop believing them, stop being cross with me for being right, and get cross with the people who’ve made you feel like a prat.”

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