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Ardent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has been ridiculed after claiming that being able to choose what phone chargers we use in the UK is a Brexit benefit.

Since our departure from the European Union, it has been a struggle to see what the much-promised positive impact has been.

According to Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, as well as the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Brexit has been “completely” to blame for causing recent travel chaos.

Now, it seems some in government who supported the move are clutching at straws to show examples of alleged success to come from the country’s revoking its EU membership.

While addressing parliament, Rees-Mogg attempted to use phone chargers as an example of Brexit success.

Rees-Mogg said: “Thankfully, we left the EU before it decided to mandate what sort of phone chargers we can have.

“A typically short-termiest [sic] and anti-innovation measure which will only have a long-term negative effect on consumers.”

Rees-Mogg was referring to news that the EU has provisionally agreed that new portable electronic devices must universally use a USB C charger by autumn 2024 to benefit consumers.

His argument has unsurprisingly been ridiculed with people questioning how a universal charger for multiple devices is a bad thing.

One person mocked: “It’s time to turbocharge the economy using a variety of non standardised USBs!”

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Another said: “To the end of my days I will always find it amusing that people who refused to wear masks to save lives because it violated their personal freedom signed away their freedom of movement to escape the EU tyranny on phone chargers.”

Someone else posted: “Hail Brexit! Hail Freedom of Choice!”

“This takes a load off. Those EU rules forcing all mobile phone manufacturers to provide universal phone chargers are just far too handy and make the chargers far too cheap to buy. Hooray for Brexit!” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person joked: “The UK really avoided tragedy there.”

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