Blog: The Economics of Brexit: What Have We Learned? | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal –

This eBook, produced by VoxEU/CEPR and UK in a Changing Europe, brings together leading academic researchers on trade, immigration and political economy to assess what we have learned, 18 months on from its implementation, about the impacts of Brexit on the UK economy

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Jonathan Portes

1 A short history of the political economy of Brexit
Thiemo Fetzer

2 Brexit Britain in a changing global economy
Adam S. Posen and Lucas Rengifo-Keller

3 The impact of Brexit on UK–EU trade
Rebecca Freeman, Kalina Manova, Thomas Prayer and Thomas Sampson

4 Post-Brexit imports, supply chains, and the effect on consumer prices
Jan David Bakker, Nikhil Datta, Josh De Lyon, Luisa Opitz, and Dilan Yang

5 The price impacts of trade agreements
Meredith A. Crowley, Lu Han, and Thomas Prayer

6 Brexit and UK services trade
Jun Du and Oleksandr Shepotylo

7 The economics of UK financial services post Brexit
Sarah Hall

8 The economics of the UK’s post-Brexit immigration system
Jonathan Portes

9 How is the end of free movement affecting the low-wage labour force in the UK?
Madeleine Sumption

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