Blog: ‘Brexit boom for farmers!’ Eustice slaps down REMOANERS for talking down British success – Express

Speaking in the Commons today, Environment Secretary George Eustice warned MPs not to blame Brexit for the current problems being faced by farmers saying that it ws due to a “a spike in gas prices” caused by the Ukraine war. He clashed in the Chamber with arch-Rejoiner Labour MP for Exeter Ben Bradshaw who tried to give a gloomy assessment of post-Brexit Britain blaming the trade deal with the EU for causing extra red tape.

Mr Bradshaw, who was met with groans in the chamber, asked: “What is his latest assessment of the impact on farm profits of plunging exports, new red tape and a labour shortage caused by the Conservative Government’s Brexit deal?”

But Mr Eustice hit back hailing an actual boom in importat parts of the sector including milk production and land prices.

He said: “Farm incomes have seen a strong recovery since the 2016 referendum. 

“Land prices are running at record highs, the price of milk has also increased.

“Farm profits ahve actually been on the rise in recent years.”

He added: “In this current year it is true that the recent input costs caused by the spike in gas prices will put pressure on margins but it is in the context of a successful post Brexit boom for agriculture generally.”

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