Blog: Brian May rages at Brexit ‘catastrophe’ before Europe tour ‘Stupidest backward step taken’ – Express

Queen rocker Brian May, 74, has slammed Brexit as a “catastrophe” in a lengthy rant about the UK government, cost of living crisis, Rwanda asylum seekers policy and badger cull. 

Taking to Instagram in view of his 3million followers, Brian wrote: “I wonder how all our friends all around the Continent will view us – the first time they will have seen us since the catastrophe of Brexit – surely the stupidest backward step my country has taken in my lifetime.”

He branded the Rwanda policy “despicable” and slammed the Prime Minister for “repeatedly lying to Parliament”.

The animal lover also hit out at the “continued slaughter of tens of thousands of indigenous wild animals – the badgers – in the demonstrably mistaken belief that this cruelty will prop up a failing dairy industry”.

Noting that some critics would tell him to “stick to music”, Brian retorted: “Bad stuff happens when decent people stand by in silence”. 

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