Blog: Brexit LIVE: ‘Economic vandalism’ Irish PM throws down gauntlet at Truss masterstroke – Express

The argument given by remainers for rejoining the EU has been slammed down by former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib. 

Mr Habib said that while the Brexit deal is not working, the argument remainers give for rejoining when talking about the cost of living crisis can be disregarded with three key points. 

He said: “Indeed the government’s Brexit deal is not working. It is not working because it has not delivered Brexit. We have left Northern Ireland behind and remain in a lunar orbit of EU regulations via the Level Playing Field provisions of the trade agreement.

“But, and it is a big but, the creation of the cost of living crisis has nothing to do with Brexit. It is a direct result of lockdowns. It is lockdowns that broke supply chains and allowed oil and gas reserves to be depleted. When economies opened up again and demand resumed, supply could not keep pace. Prices rocketed, most notably for fossil fuels which the government has been turning its back on.

“The same applies to the supply of labour. The furlough scheme did not protect jobs. It kept the wolf from the door while the private sector and the jobs it offers were deeply damaged. There is now a record 5 million people on benefits. This has nothing to do with Brexit but everything to do with lockdowns.

“And it is government policy that is woefully inadequate in dealing with the problems created by lockdowns. They should be reducing the cost of living by cutting taxes; instead they are increasing them.”

He concluded: “There is however one massive upside from the Brexit the government has delivered us. It is this: Citizens in EU member states are stuck with their faulty bureaucrats in Brussels, whether they like them or not. We can now vote ours out.”


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