Blog: Staunch anti-Brexit Remainer wishes to return to UK – ‘One time I wish I wasn’t in the EU! – Express

Areas across Europe are seeing temperatures in the mid to high 30s with some areas, including Spain hitting 42C last week. Meanwhile, the UK is set to also see warmer weather but within the pleasant climbs of mid 20s for the most part and possibly up to 30C by the middle of the week.

Remainer Alex Taylor tweeted: “The one and only time I’ll tweet wishing I wasn’t in the EU.”

The caption was tweeted with a picture of a weather map of the continent and the southern area of the UK showing the difference in temperatures between the two.

He added that to cope with the heat: “I must still be very English after all as the only thing I can be arsed to do is make endless cups of piping hot tea.”

Extreme heat has been plaguing Europe with warnings of crop failures coming from Italy where areas are suffering the worst drought in seven decades and several wildfires in Spain.

The temperatures in areas such as Italy, Spain and France are unseasonably high, which is bringing concerns about the later summer months which are traditionally hotter.

In France and Spain May was the hottest month on record in at least 100 years with temperatures being on average 10C hotter for this time of year.

On June 10, temperatures in Badajoz, Spain hit a high of 41.6C and at the same time Portugal recorded its first 40C temperature of the year.

In the days that followed, Seville went above 41.6C and was entirely above the average high of 33C.

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By June 13, France hit 38C and Madrid reached 40.7C though the average temperature is 10C below that.

Matteo Marnati the Councillor for the Environment in Piedmont, Italy warned that over the next two weeks water needs to be released from lakes and reservoirs to save rice and maize crops following the worst drought in 70 years.

Areas of Italy have not had any rainfall for over three months.

Nearly 200 towns in the region are facing water restrictions and the rising temperatures has meant that air conditioning units have put a pressure on energy supply leading to power cuts in Turin and Milan.

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Meanwhile, firefighters in Spain have been battling wildfires as temperatures in the south reached the 40s last week.

One fire in the Castile and Leon region destroyed over 60,000 acres of pine forest, though thankfully the heatwave in the central region has subsided.

However, firefighters in northern Spain have fought multiple fires leading to the evacuation of many communities in Navarre.

While temperatures in Spain are thought to subside this week, those in France are forecast to worsen before moving towards Germany and Poland by the weekend.

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