Blog: Eddie Hobbs, Financial adviser: ‘I’ve had lots of hard times, but have I ever been broke? No’ – The Times

The financial adviser and broadcaster Eddie Hobbs is best known for his RTE programmes; Rip Off Republic, Show Me the Money and 30 Things to Do with Your SSIA. He entered politics in 2015, when he co-founded Renua, before resigning from the political party in June 2016. Hobbs, 59, has written several books on personal finance and wealth management. Earlier this year he published his first work of fiction, a historical thriller, The First Heresy. Originally from Cork, Hobbs lives in Kildare with his wife, Mary Fehily Hobbs. The couple have four adult children.

How much is in your wallet?
No cash. Everything has gone electronic, so I have several cards. The idea of sitting at a bar counter and tapping for

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