Blog: Oldest State in the Nation – Maine – Launches Cabinet on Aging; Connecticut is Nation’s 6th Oldest State — Connecticut by the Numbers – Connecticut by the Numbers

Mills’ office noted that in addition to the state’s current population of older Americans (median age in Maine is 44.9 years), tens of thousands of people are expected to retire in the coming years, increasing demand for age-related services.

“Maine people work hard their entire lives and they deserve to age comfortably in the communities they love,” Mills said in a written statement. The Executive Order noted that the “demographic shift occurring in our State creates a need for greater policy coordination within State government and collaboration with local communities and the private sector.”

The Cabinet on Aging is to include the commissioners from seven state departments and the director of the Maine State Housing Authority. The state departments are health and human services, labor, economic and community development, administrative and financial services, professional and financial regulation, public safety and transportation. 

The cabinet is expected to meet at least four times a year, beginning next month, to coordinate and advance work on affordable housing and long-term services and supports; financial security and protection against fraud; access to information, broadband, and services; and engagement and employment in Maine’s growing economy.

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