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Labour’s secret

LABOUR’S claim that they consider Brexit over and done is a lie. In power, they would not hesitate to begin its reversal.

MPs now talk of rejoining the single market and customs union, making a nonsense of us voting to leave in 2016.

Labour would not hesitate to begin reversing Brexit once in power


Labour would not hesitate to begin reversing Brexit once in powerCredit: AFP

Anna McMorrin, a shadow minister for Keir Starmer, boasts that once in power Labour would have “scope” to negotiate a closer deal.

“I hope eventually we will get back into the single market and customs union . . . and who knows in the future then?” she says.

Starmer too wants a new, Labour-led deal. Brussels would only consider that if he was ready to sacrifice our new, hard-won ­sovereignty. He would be.

Labour tell Leavers they think Brexit is irreversible only because they otherwise risk repeating their 2019 disaster. It’s a cynical falsehood as big as Starmer vowing to respect the referendum result, then campaigning to overturn it.

Brexit will NOT be a dead issue at the 2024 election. Not with Labour keeping the Remoaner dream alive.

Migrant outrage

FOR the European Court to thwart the Rwanda deportations last night is a sickening outrage.

Those who want to scrap the Human Rights Act and even leave the European Convention on Human Rights are having their case made for them.

Britain devised this last-resort policy to deter migrants from sailing for our shores in small boats and risk drowning.

It is backed by Tony Smith, veteran head of the Border Force under Labour, who rightly calls it “a bold step forward in our war against human smugglers”.

No one has a workable alternative. Especially not the Left, wittering about “safe routes” which would simply abandon border controls entirely.

They will be cock-a-hoop today. But Boris Johnson must not admit defeat. This policy must be made to work.

We cannot let European judges effectively give illegal economic migrants the green light to sail to Britain.

Justice stalled

FIVE years on, the pain and horror of the Grenfell disaster have not dimmed.

We join those who at the moving anniversary service praised the survivors and relatives in continuing to demand justice for the 72 victims.

In 2017 The Sun called for a forensic inquiry — as free as possible from ­emotion and political point-scoring — to establish exactly what went wrong.

Unpicking those failures is a monumental task, with blame potentially falling on architects, contractors, cladding makers, civil servants, politicians and the fire brigade.

Even so, it is hard not to share the families’ immense frustration that both the inquiry and police probe are still ongoing with no inkling yet of charges.

Must the Grenfell community wait a decade for justice? That cannot be right.

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