Blog: Brexit LIVE: ‘It’s so EU!’ Fury as bloc ‘shoots itself in foot’ with new legal challenge – Express

Labour has denied that it is making plans to return to the EU Single Market after a shadow frontbencher expressed her hope that it would happen.

The Sun obtained footage of Anna McMorrin answering questions from supporters last week in which she said: “We need to renegotiate the deal, certainly.”

She added: “I hope, eventually that, we will get back into the single market and customs union, and who knows then.”

However, Ms McMorrin was reportedly spoken to by Sir Keir Starmer following these remarks and has since released a statement stating that she agrees with the party line that Labour is committed to making Brexit work. 

The statement said: “Labour policy on Brexit is clear. We have left the EU, Labour voted for the deal. Now it is the job of all of us to make it work.”

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