Blog: Brexit in peril at hands of Starmer – now FOUR reasons to fear Labour has EU plot – Express

Shadow minister Anna McMorrin told party activists last week that Labour would “need to renegotiate the deal, certainly”. Not content with simply ripping up the current agreement with Brussels she went further to suggest the UK could once again be part of the bloc’s institutions.

“I hope eventually that we will get back into the single market and customs union, and who knows then,” she said.

Sir Keir’s party were quick to shoot down the comments saying the party’s policy was clear that the UK should not re-enter the customs union or the single market.

But the truth is, Ms McMorrin’s comments are just the latest in a series of remarks coming from Labour that make it impossible to trust the party with EU relations.

Just last week Sir Keir himself vowed to undo Brexit laws if he was in No10.


He attacked Boris Johnson’s plan to protect Northern Ireland’s place in the UK via new legislation and promised to reverse it in the future.

He said “we would scrap the legislation”, adding that: “We think it is the wrong approach.”

The Prime Minister has repeatedly said action is only being taken because the EU is refusing to negotiate in talks.

Sir Keir’s plan would continue to leave a part of the UK hostage to Brussels, with Northern Ireland being punished with overly-firm bureaucracy to punish Britain for leaving the bloc.’

There are also growing fears Labour is secretly preparing a pact with the ultra-Europhile Liberal Democrats.

Little campaigning has taken place by Labour in Tiverton and Honiton ahead of the by-election there on June 23, with the Lib Dems seen as having the best chance to win against the Tories. The favour has been returned in Wakefield where a vote is taking place on the same day.

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In the local elections last month both parties also stood down hundreds of candidates in areas where the other was more likely to win.

Sir Ed Davey’s party re-committed earlier this year to pushing for Britain to rejoin the single market.

And he hinted in a media interview last month he would push for Sir Keir to back the policy if Labour was the largest party in a hung parliament after the next election.

He said no overall majority meant “you can exercise influence in many, many ways”.

Despite the evidence of Labour and the Lib Dems giving each other a clear run in seats where they are most likely to beat the Tories, both have denied working together.

If the slip from Ms McMorrin, Sir Keir’s remarks last week, and the evidence of Labour working with the Lib Dems weren’t enough, it’s impossible to forget the current Labour leader was responsible for pushing for a second referendum ahead of the last general election.

As shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir devised the policy that would have seen a Labour government hold a new “confirmatory” referendum on Brexit after renegotiating a deal with the EU.

It would have included an option to reverse the 2016 result in its entirety and for Britain to remain trapped in the EU forever more.

Sir Keir says he now accepts the result of the referendum and wants to focus on “making Brexit work”. But the evidence to the contrary is starting to stack up.

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