Blog: Parly bosses propose ‘Stop Brexit’ man clampdown – The Spectator

There’s a spectre haunting Westminster: the spectre of Steve Bray. Steerpike envies those readers unfamiliar with the loud-mouthed protester, who has spent much of the past four years making life miserable for those who work in the House of Commons.

Bray, known to many as ‘Stop Brexit’ man, spends a lot of his time disrupting interviews, shouting at parliament and heckling MPs and their staff. He and his supporters sometimes film the reactions of Tories they berate for social media, with past victims including backbenchers Lee Anderson and Paul Bristow. At least one parliamentary assistant has publicly confronted him in the street.

Now though, it seems that Commons bosses have finally had enough. An official survey is currently being circulated among those staff who work in the One Parliament Street building on the parliamentary estate. Its purpose is to establish the extent to which ‘noise, demonstrations and anti-social behaviour impact your day to day working lives.’

They add that ‘additionally we are keen to establish if you have been… intimidated as you move around the external public areas outside One Parliament Street’. They ask for details about whether there may have been any form of harassment and ask questions about what steps should be taken to stop it.

Responses are required within the next fortnight – plenty of time for all those irritated staffers to detail their grievances…

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