Blog: Brexit LIVE: Remoaners humiliated as UK exports to EU soar to record high after bloc exit – Express

Taoiseach Micheal Martin has claimed that the current UK government does not fully understand the Good Friday agreement. 

Speaking in the Dail, Mr Martin said: “I want to say fundamentally, and it is with regret I say this, I do get the sense the current British government don’t fully get the Good Friday Agreement or don’t understand the DNA of the Good Friday Agreement and what it really means in terms of the involvement and the co-guarantor nature of it between the British and Irish government.

“But also the wider interest from the European Union and from the United States, and parallel with that we’re now witnessing a denial of democracy, where people have voted in Northern Ireland for the convening of an Assembly and the formation of an Executive. It’s not acceptable that the Assembly has not been convened.

“I believe that the publication of this legislation yesterday by the British government and the contribution of various British government ministers, who have attempted to justify it, was a profoundly dispiriting moment.”

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