Blog: Sebastian Vettel savages Brexit ‘mess’ and tells UK to ‘deal with it’ – Express

In front of a studio audience in Hackney, East London, despite claiming to not not have all the knowledge on post-Brexit trading arrangements between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, host Fiona Bruce asked the German to make his feelings known. She said: “Wade into this argument Sebastian, why don’t you? We’ve been talking about it for years haven’t we?”

After this encouragement the Aston Martin driver admitted that he felt British politicians were “missing the bigger picture” and the UK was now dealing with the “consequences” of the “get Brexit done” slogan. “Obviously I’m not familiar with all the exact details, but in the bigger picture, now you’re in this mess, you’ve got to deal with it,” the four-time F1 champion said.

“Sometimes I’m sitting and I’m listening to this and I’m thinking you’re missing the bigger picture. You’re speaking about the energy costs earlier and the bigger picture is clear that for the future it is not sustainable to pump oil, gas and coal out of the ground.

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