Blog: Apart from Brexit, what else will the Tories have to show for their 80-seat majority? – The Times

You are never truly dead, they say, until your memory has been forgotten. Admittedly, the “they” in question are usually writers or philosophers whose works have been strip-mined by the internet for uplifting insights that can be superimposed on calming pictures of forests or mountains. But the point is a good one. Because by that standard both Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron have just moved one step closer to the political grave.

Earlier this month Wandsworth council was captured by Labour, and the New Schools Network closed. The former has had some media attention; the latter, barely any. But each was the emblem, and legacy, of a great wave of Tory reform.

Wandsworth turned Tory in 1978, just before Thatcher came to power. Over the

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