Blog: ‘Absolute Rubbish!’ Drivers slam the EU’s complete ban on petrol and diesel cars from 2035 – Express

Earlier this week, the lawmakers on the European Parliament’s environment committee backed an EU plan to impose a ban from 2035. They also voted against proposals for tougher targets to cut car CO2 emissions within this decade, angering climate change campaigners.

The committee supported the proposal for a 100 percent cut in CO2 emissions by 2035, which would make it impossible to sell new fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the 27-countries of the European Union.

The European Commission proposed the targets in a package of climate change policies last year.

They were based around the proposal that new cars stay on the roads for 10 to 15 years – meaning that 2035 is the latest date that sales of polluting cars could stop without affecting the plan to have zero emissions by 2050.

This week, several readers have taken to the comments section to vent their frustrations.

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One reader named ADS said: “Absolute rubbish!

“EV cars are more polluting than conventional when you take ALL into account; production, battery manufacture, loss of natural habitat and wildlife due to the destructive force used to mine such elements.”

Brexit4ThepeopleNow added: “What a load of baloney.

“These out of touch people think the millions in the EU are going to suddenly go out and buy EVs think they have another thing coming – rebellion is in the air guaranteed.”

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The European Parliament will vote on the car CO2 proposals later this year, after which lawmakers and EU countries must negotiate the final rules.

Jan Huitema, the lead lawmaker on the policy told Reuters: “With CO2 standards, we create clarity for the car industry and stimulate innovation and investments for car manufacturers,” adding that it should make driving electric vehicles cheaper.

By switching to EVs, the EU aims to tackle the quarter of European emissions that come from transport, which have risen in recent years.

Many car manufacturers have announced plans to stop selling combustion engine vehicles completely in Europe by 2035.

In the UK it is even earlier in order to meet the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales.

The EU is also negotiating proposals to require countries to install public charging points at regular intervals along major roads.

The European Commission has also reached a provisional agreement that all new vehicles sold in Europe will be fitted with a speed limiter as a legal requirement from July 6 this year.

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