Blog: Sebastian Vettel tells UK to ‘deal with’ Brexit ‘mess’ – The Independent

Four-time Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has criticised the “mess” of Brexit and claims the United Kingdom must now deal with the “consequences” of the decision.

Vettel made a surprise appearance on the BBC’s Question Time on Thursday, in which he spoke out on issues such as climate change, human rights and ‘partygate’ in front of a live studio audience in Hackney.

The German driver admitted he has questioned his future in Formula One due to his concerns over climate change and said discussing Brexit risks politicians missing the “bigger picture”.

But while Vettel said he was not “familiar” with the exact details on Brexit during a debate on trade agreements, the 34-year-old said he believed the UK now has to “deal” with the situation.

“The solution is you have to do the shift moving forward and in a way it’s the bigger picture,” Vettel said. “Obviously there was a push three little words ‘get it done ‘ or ‘get Brexit done’ and this is the consequences you deal with now.”

When asked by presenter Fiona Bruce how Brexit looked from his perspective in Germany, Vettel replied: “Not good. I think the majority of German people don’t understand. Somethings might be better, somethings might be worse. I’m not the best to judge.

“What I can see is, looking at the size of the problems that face us on so many levels, whether that is the environment, social justice, looking after people, we need to do this together – not just one of us.

“It’s why I don’t understand the push for Brexit and to say, ‘We’ll take care of ourselves’. I’m not familiar with all the exact details but in the bigger picture, now you are in this mess you have to deal with it.”

Vettel was also asked about ‘partygate’ and was critical of Boris Johnson after Prime Minister was issued a fixed penalty notice for a breach of his own Covid laws.

“When you are in that position there are certain things you can’t pull off,” Vettel said. “It is the Prime Minister that makes the law and then breaks the law. We all make mistakes, but there are just certain things that come with office and that job that you cannot do.”

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