Blog: QT: Hated Brexit deal blasted as a ‘mess’ by F1 legend- ‘You’ve got to deal with it!’ – Express

Speaking on BBC Question Time the German F1 legend admitted that he “wasn’t familiar with all the details” of the post Brexit trading arrangements between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. However host Fiona Bruce encouraged the four time world champion to express his opinion on the matter.

She said: “Wade into this argument Sebastian, why don’t you? We’ve been talking about it for years haven’t we?”

After this encouragement the Aston Martin driver admitted that he felt Brits were “missing the bigger picture” and the UK was now dealing with the “consequences” of the “get Brexit done” slogan.

He said: “Sometimes I’m sitting and I’m listening to this and I’m thinking you’re missing the bigger picture.

“You’re speaking about the energy costs earlier and the bigger picture is for the future it is not sustainable to pump oil, gas and coal out of the ground.

“The solution is you have to do the shift moving forward and in a way it’s the bigger picture.

“Obviously there was a push three little words ‘get it done ‘ or ‘get Brexit done’ and this is the consequences you deal with now.”

Host Fiona Bruce asked Mr Vettel how Germans viewed the Northern Ireland Protocol situation.

She said: “How does this look from the German perspective?”

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Mr Vettel responded by pointing out that the majority of Germans “don’t understand” the situation around the protocol.

He said: “The majority of German people don’t understand.

“Some things might be better, some things might be worse. I’m not the best judge here.

“Looking at the size of the problems ahead of us on so many levels, whether it is the environment, social justice, looking after people, we need to do this together. 

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“We will not pull this off, just one of us.

“And that’s where I don’t understand the push for Brexit, saying we will take care of ourselves and everything will be great.

“Obviously I’m not familiar with all the exact details, but in the bigger picture, now you’re in this mess, you’ve got to deal with it.”

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