Blog: Brexit LIVE: Huge protest as DUP collapses Stormont in furious backlash at EU deal – Express

The Labour leader is currently trying to convince the public media reports that he broke lockdown rules by eating curry and drinking beer with staff are false. But many voters continue to be more concerned about the core political issues, including Brexit. heard a mixed response from potential voters in Stoke to questions about Sir Keir during a walkabout on May 6.

Craig, a furniture seller in the city, was, however, certain he had worked the man – and his intentions – out.

He said he was largely “happy with Brexit”, despite the fact it “took too long”, and insisted: “It’s what the country wanted.”

He stopped short of saying the same for the official Opposition, about which he said: “I think they are like the Lib Dems.”

Craig added that, in his mind, the Labour leader has not changed since the time he was agitating for a second referendum.

Sir Keir has attempted more recently to shed the image of him battling to block Brexit.

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