Blog: Now Boris Johnson can show his mettle on Brexit – EXPRESS COMMENT – Express

Few people have done more to make Brexit a reality than the Prime Minister. He is also the man to make it work. On Tuesday the Queen will attend the opening of Parliament and announce a series of Bills which would have been impossible if we were still in the European Union. People of all parties and ideological persuasions are waking up to the extraordinary scope of possibilities that cutting the cord with Brussels has opened up.

It is absolutely right that we negotiate trade deals that are best for Britain, make changes to public procurement that give small companies a decent chance of winning contracts, and introduce legislation to stop animal cruelty.

For decades, British policy-making has been constrained not by the democratic choices of citizens but by the diktats of Brussels. 

Ministers should be more than branch managers; laws should be based on a mandate from voters and the values and vision of their elected representatives rather than what a sovereignty-stifling foreign institution decides.

There is a new role for imagination and bold leadership in British politics. Mr Johnson has been bruised by the recent elections but has no deficit in either of these qualities.

He will strive to continue to provide unequivocal support for Ukraine while tackling the cost-of-living crisis.

As a biographer of Churchill, he knows that prime ministers have to earn their place in the history books.

The loss of key councils – and hundreds of councillors – will have only redoubled his determination to deliver a meaningful premiership.

Thankfully, post-Brexit realities mean he has a vastly expanded range of power-tools at his disposal. His party should now get behind this mission and change Britain for the better.

Queen’s days of joy

 It is a delight to see new images of the Queen in past years with the release of footage from family home movies to mark her Platinum Jubilee.

Her beauty and happiness shine through in the shots, and her joy as she shows off her then-secret engagement ring while at Balmoral is incandescent with her love for dashing fiance Prince Philip.

These pictures brim with youthful promise, and in the seven decades of her eventful reign, she has more than delivered on the hopes of the nation.

Her dignity, grace, wisdom and courage have strengthened every generation that has had the privilege to know her as their Queen.

As the celebrations near, people should forget the soap opera surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and who does and doesn’t appear on the royal balcony and instead show the Queen how much we treasure her years of exemplary service.

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