Blog: Brexit warning: Boris Johnson to face ‘guerrilla warfare’ if NI protocol not torn up – Express

Loyalist campaigner Jamie Bryson has demanded Boris Johnson follow through on plans to dismantle post- trading arrangements imposed on by the Protocol. Mr Bryson is a staunch opponent of the Protocol on the grounds it is harmful to the union and Northern Ireland’s position in the UK internal market. He has warned that the Protocol will face “attacks from every angle” if the UK Government does not take on the EU and listen to unionists’ concerns.

Mr Bryson told “Something has to happen because this Protocol will never be tolerated or accepted by the Unionist community in Northern Ireland.

“We will wage guerilla warfare against it in every way possible in the courts, politically, civically via protests.

“It will never be allowed to bed in or co-exist.

“We will attack it from every angle again and again.”

He added: “So therefore if the Government want to restore political and societal stability it is necessary to not just pause the protocol but dismantle it in its entirety.”

It comes as Secretary of State Brandon Lewis walked back the notion that a move against the Northern Ireland Protocol will feature in the Queen’s Speech.

On Wednesday evening Mr Lewis said the Government wants to resolve issues with the protocol by agreement with the European Union.

Asked if the Government is planning to introduce a new law allowing it to waive elements of the protocol, Mr Lewis signalled that it would not be in the Queen’s Speech.

He told an interview with ITV’s Robert Peston: “Our focus is on resolving the issues with the protocol, ideally we want to do that by agreement with the European Union. The challenge we’ve got at the moment…”

Pressed on whether an announcement would come next week, he said: “No, Robert, we’ve not said that.”

Mr Lewis said: “What we’ve been clear about is at the moment, the protocol is causing problems in civic society, it’s causing problems with the Good Friday Agreement.

“Our duty to the people of Northern Ireland is to resolve those issues. Yes, we want to do that with the EU and that’s what Liz Truss has been focused on.”

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DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has made his call for action against the protocol a key part of his party’s campaign for the Stormont Assembly election which took place on Thursday.

He has said the DUP will not enter a future Executive unless the government takes action on the protocol.

The DUP withdrew First Minister Paul Givan from the Stormont Executive in February in protest at the protocol, a move that left the institutions unable to fully function.

A series of rallies have taken place across Northern Ireland in recent months against the protocol which is regarded by unionists as a border in the Irish Sea.

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