Blog: ‘Was the wrong thing’ Labour minister caves as she apologises for party’s Brexit reaction – Express

Shadow Minister of State Baroness Jenny Chapman told that she was “really happy” to offer an apology for  initial response to the success of the Leave campaign in 2016. She said it was important now for Labour to “seize” upon the benefits of adding the reason she came into politics was now tied into making the most out of leaving the

She said: “I’m happy to [apologise]. I am really happy to. I think asking people to think again about that referendum was the wrong thing to do. 

“I haven’t got a single issue about saying that. But we’ve got to move forward now. 

“We’re out of the European Union. No-one wants to go through any of that again. 

“We’ve got to make a success of where we are. We’re outside the EU and we’ve got opportunities. 

“Look at some of the stuff the Labour Party with Nick Thomas-Symonds has been saying about trade deals and new relationships around the world. 

“We’re in a new reality now and we have to accept that what’s done is done, and move forward and it’s going to be good. 

“We have a lot to be confident about. There are things we can do around procurement and tending now that we could not have done before. 

“So let’s seize those new things, let’s bring jobs and prosperity to the north of England. That’s what I came into politics to do. And that’s where Keir Starmer wants to take us.”

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Sir Keir Starmer reshuffled his shadow cabinet in November 2021 in what he said was part of a “Make Brexit Work” promise. 

Speaking about the significance of his appointments, he said that making the most out of Brexit was “a huge part of my agenda”. 

Sir Keir himself backed the Remain campaign during Britain’s 2016 EU referendum. 

He said the “Make Brexit Work” strategy would be led by Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, while Ed Miliband MP would focus on domestic issues. 

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Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, the Labour Party stated in 2019 its intentions to hold a second referendum. 

Mr Corbyn challenged the next Tory leader in July 2019 to hold another referendum, promising that Labour would campaign for Remain. 

He said the party was intent on taking a position that would stop a “no deal or a damaging Tory Brexit”. 

He claimed he had made this request after doing “what I think a leader should do… an awful lot of listening” to party members. 

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