Blog: Pennsylvania state measure addresses cannabis licenses, Russian businesses – Financial Regulation News – Financial Regulation News

Pennsylvania State Rep. Danilo Burgos (D-Dist. 197) has introduced a bill that revokes medical cannabis licenses for entities with ties to Russian businesses.

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Burgos noted on Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

“To date, the unjustified war Russia is waging against Ukraine has displaced millions and killed and wounded thousands of civilians,” Burgos said.

The measure ensures Russian businesses would not be able to profit off the medical cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and encourages the Department of Health to investigate if any medical cannabis businesses in Pennsylvania have financial ties to Russian businesses.

If such a determination is made, the medical cannabis permits would be revoked, per the bill.

“It is crucial that we work as a body to ensure no Pennsylvania government programs are utilized to benefit those who are complicit in the Russian war effort,” Burgos said. “We must take every effort to support Ukraine in their struggle against this unprovoked Russian invasion.”

Burgos encouraged his colleagues to co-sponsor the measure to enable Pennsylvania to be on the side of justice in the global community.

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