Blog: Brexit LIVE: ‘Horror’ Remainer civil servants’ plot to scupper £10bn Australia trade deal – Express

German media has mocked Britons for claiming that Irish tourists were given “preferential” treatment at Spanish airports. 

Since Brexit, Brits travelling to the EU are no longer permitted to pass through e-gates and have to have their passports stamped manually. 

Mocking Britons German daily Kleine wrote: “The British are particularly affected by the chaos, as they see themselves at a disadvantage compared to the Irish. British tourists recently accused the airport in Malaga of ‘preferential treatment’ of Irish people, who enjoy ‘express lanes’ while they themselves have to wait for hours for clearance by the immigration authorities.

“Many vented their frustration on Twitter: ‘What a joke! Huge queue for UK passengers, it goes all the way back to the duty free exit – while the EU queue is virtually empty.’

“Others described the queues for passport controls as ‘ridiculous.’

“The unequal treatment is admittedly not arbitrary discrimination against the British, but a consequence of Brexit.

“As is well known, the Kingdom no longer enjoys the privilege of moving freely within the Schengen area since Brexit.”

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