Blog: Chelsea Sale Could Go Ahead Through ‘Brexit-Style Backstop’ to Solve Roman Abramovich Loan Demands – Sports Illustrated

The stand-off between Roman Abramovich and the UK government could be ‘unlocked’ by a ‘Brexit-style backstop’ to allow the sale of Chelsea to go through.

This comes after it was reported that Chelsea have told the government that they want to restructure the way the club is being sold to repay the debts.

As per the Telegraph, a backstop – similar to that agreed with the European Union to stop a customs border with Ireland – would see ministers and Abramovich sideline their current feud to allow the sale to complete.


IMAGO / PA Images

A backstop would be put in place to prevent the club sale being blocked, as it was previously reported that it could be if the loan repayment demands remain.

This potential solution has not been discussed with Abramovich, but his camp had already been confident a deal can still be completed, despite a tumultuous 24 hours in which he had appeared to go back on his promise not to ask for the loan back, it was reported.

Furthermore, a source close to the discussions state that it was never the intention of the Chelsea owner to leave the government with the impression he wanted to repay the loan to himself.


IMAGO / YAY Images

The dispute is centred around whether the government are legally entitled to freeze this loan, with the UK believing there has been a shift in Abramovich’s position.

 It was reported that a change in approach could have been made due to authorities in Jersey targetting Camberley International Investments, an offshore account which is believed to be linked to Abramovich.

It remains to be seen as to what will happen as the sale process concludes.

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