Blog: Brexit has ramped up inflation while the Tories drown in sleaze – The National

However they are simply being delayed for a year. The checks are part of the Brexit agreement the Tories negotiated. Not implementing the checks puts producers in this country at a massive disadvantage from cheaper imports.

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Former Bank of England economist Adam Posen has concluded that 80% of the UK inflation rate is down to Brexit. He explained this is because of labour shortages due to decreased inward migration from the EU.

The reality of Brexit is also starting to bite when UK passport holders are travelling on holiday within the EU. Massive queues are forming due to stamps being required, while EU citizens go unhindered as these checks for them are not needed.

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The Westminster Tories are drowning in sleaze. A Tory MP was caught watching pornography in the chamber. He tried to claim he was looking for information on tractors then XXX material appears instead. Eventually he was forced to resign his seat. Then Tory peer Michelle Mone had her house raided by police investigating PPE contract fraud.

56 Westminster MPs under investigation for sexual misconduct. This gongpit is not a place that should be deciding what is going on in Scotland.

Alan Hinnrichs

MHAIRI Black MP’s regular Saturday column in The National was headed “Westminster full of sleaze – and it is not going to get any better”. The most recent revelations are that Tory MP Neil Parish was watching pornography, while apparently searching for pictures of tractors, in the House of Commons. This led to demands from his fellow MPs for his resignation, which he has now tendered.

In response the First Minister has said: “Watching porn on a mobile phone in the House of Commons when you’re there representing constituents is just unacceptable.”

She went on to say sexism and misogyny were a societal problem which now needed to change, adding: “So this is a moment I think to really say ‘enough is enough’. Not all men are misogynists, but all women do experience misogyny and misogyny is by and large about male behaviour. So men have to change, and I hope this is a moment where they really think about that carefully and seriously.”

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Three Conservative Cabinet ministers and two Labour shadow cabinet ministers have been reported to a parliamentary watchdog that deals with complaints against MPs. They are facing allegations of sexual misconduct. They are among 56 MPs who have been referred to the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme. As there are 650 MPs, I make that almost 9% of them.

My late mother’s favourite saying was “people in glass houses should not throw stones”. Two SNP MPs, Patrick Grady and Patricia Gibson, have had complaints of sexual harassment against them upheld

by a parliamentary body. Oddly enough they have not even been suspended by the SNP. These two MPs remain party members despite actually being found guilty by an independent investigation.

It sadly seems that although Mhairi Black is correct in her judgment of her fellow MPs, the SNP appears to be unwilling or unable to rise above this sea of sleaze and take any action against its own MPs even when they are found guilty.

Is sexual harassment somehow a lesser offence than watching porn in parliament?

Glenda Burns

I MUST admit I have never liked Kwasi Kwarteng and his attitude of a “better than you” approach to interviews. His recent approach to the current scandal (or continuing scandal) of misogyny and sexism towards other MP colleagues simply displays the Tory arrogance I referred to in The National on Monday.

To suggest that women are safe in their Westminster parliament place of work is a complete fabrication of the truth, which is becoming more exposed now by the day.

One MP on television news yesterday suggested not even young new male MPs are safe from sexual innuendo from more senior MPs.

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Kwarteng insists there is no misogyny culture in the “centre of democracy”, which is another in itself a denial of the truth. There is no democracy in Westminster outwith the fact the MPs have been elected in its first-past-the-post system.

His pathetic excuse is the fact that sometimes they have to work late only to retire, not to their homes and families, but to any one of the many drinking holes within the Westminster parliament where unsuspecting young MPs might be worth a bit of flirtatious approach.

Kwasi Kwarteng is yet another MP only concerned about hanging on to his political career at the expense of why he was voted for by his constituents. He and others have a couple of years left before running the risk of being outvoted.

But then, his arrogance would never allow him to appreciate that democratic possibility.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

HAVING read Judith Duffy’s article on the plans to keep the Tories in power forever with the Election Act (Charities’ fear over threats to democracy from Westminster bills, May 1), I was wondering if the Scottish Government could start now and make sure everyone in Scotland can have a vote if they want to, by issuing guidelines and helping to provide them with photo ID.

I think we cannot wait till the last minute to defuse the Tory plan.

Ken McCartney

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