Blog: Prometheum details approved digital asset securities resource – Financial Regulation News – Financial Regulation News

Blockchain-centric firm Prometheum officials said the company’s broker-dealer subsidiary, Prometheum Ember ATS Inc., has received regulatory approval for a resource designed to bolster digital asset securities resources.

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Prometheum Ember ATS has garnered Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) clearance to provide accredited and non-accredited investors with the ability to buy, sell and manage digital asset securities by integrating traditional and blockchain technology via on-chain custody and settlement provided by Anchorage Digital Bank.

Anchorage Digital Bank is a regulated platform providing institutions with simple and secure participation in digital assets integrated with custody.

“Our commitment to innovating within the U.S. established regulatory framework has paid off,” Aaron Kaplan, Prometheum
founder and Co-CEO, said. “We are thrilled Prometheum ATS has met the regulatory requirements and very much look forward to its launch in the coming months.”

The resource includes a user-friendly interface as well as customizable charts, historical and Level 2 data, with Prometheum ATS offering a complete trading experience for retail investors and financial professionals.

Additionally, Prometheum ATS seeks to ensure fair and orderly marketing focusing on customer protection with advanced market surveillance and risk management systems.

Prometheum was founded five years ago by a group of Wall Street attorneys, proposing the assembly of an end-to-end ecosystem for digital asset securities trading.

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