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<p>Michael Gove (Steve Parsons/PA)</p>

Michael Gove (Steve Parsons/PA)

(PA Wire)

Housing secretary Michael Gove said that any support for people affected by rising energy bills should be targeted at those who need it most.

Mr Gove was asked about the prospect of cutting VAT on energy bills to help with rising costs.

Speaking to Sky News, the Levelling Up Secretary said it was important to “look at a range of options” and said there was already support in place.

But he said: “I think we should always seek to cut taxes where we can but also it’s important when we are providing support for people that we also target it most on those who need it most.”

It comes as Mr Gove has laid out a new cladding support package calling on developers to agree a £4 billion plan to fix dangerous cladding on low-rise flats by early March or risk new laws forcing them to act.

Michael Gove has said he is prepared to “use legal means and ultimately, if necessary, the tax system” to ensure developers live up to their responsibilities to fix dangerous cladding.


Developers must agree a £4 billion plan to fix dangerous cladding on low-rise flats by early March or risk new laws forcing them to act, housing secretary Michael Gove has said.

The Cabinet minister threatened that he is “prepared to take all steps necessary” to fix the “broken system” in a letter to the industry ahead of detailing the plans on Monday.

Potential action also includes restricting access to government funding and future procurements, the use of planning powers, and pursuing firms through the courts.

Read the full story below:

He is expected to meet with cladding campaigners on Monday morning before detailing the plan in the Commons.

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