Blog: Brexit LIVE: ‘Remoaners choking on their sea bass!’ Joy as UK fishermen net £44m boost – Express

Columnist Robert Hardman said, “remoaners choke on their sea bass” when they hear of this Brexit fishing success story. The in the coastal British town of Brixham has had an outstanding year. The port has clocked up the highest sales from seafood in its history. In 2021, Brixham sold £43.6 million of fish.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Hardman said: “The fish are there, the customers are waiting and they are not going to let 30ft waves and 50mph winds keep them from another bumper haul.

“Business is not just brisk here in Brixham.

“It is positively booming, to the extent that this grand old Devon fishing harbour has just had its best year ever.

“This is a town that is cheerfully raising two fingers to shroud-waving Remainers peddling the post-Brexit, post-Covid apocalypse narrative that we are heading for the economic abyss.”

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