Blog: Michel Barnier in dire warning as he lists retaliation EU will take if Brexit deal broken – Daily Express

Michel Barnier has issued a dire warning to the British, as he listed off a series of retaliation measures that the EU could soon take to punish the UK. The Brexit negotiator-turned-challenger for the French presidency made the remarks during an interview on the French TV channel LCI. He said that the UK has refused to respect the Brexit agreement, leaving the EU and France little choice but to draw up plans to retaliate.

Mr Barnier, who is challenging Mr Macron for the French presidency in 2022, said he would not hesitate to act in the current situation. 

The presidential candidate pointed to tariffs on certain products or “controlling more British ships” as he explained the EU’s plan.

He told LCI: “You have an agreement. You have a very precise, extremely precise agreement and is not respected by London.

“It is London that is responsible and therefore the one who takes serious responsibilities for the future relations that we are going to have.”

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The EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator added: ”And I, if I am President of the Republic, am going to have with this great country, friend and neighbour, and the European Union is going to have.

“So we have retaliatory measures and compensatory measures. We can restore tariffs on certain products or we can control more British ships.

“You can cross-suspend parts of the agreement.”

Earlier this week, Mr Barnier complained France had lost control of immigration and that a sense of impunity prevailed.


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