Blog: ‘But Wales voted for Brexit!’ BBC host Fiona Bruce snaps at Welsh MP in Question Time row – Daily Express

BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce reminded Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Leader that “the people of Wales voted to leave the European Union”. Liz Saville-Roberts used Brexit as an example of one of Boris Johnson’s broken promises during a heated debate on the BBC panel programme. Wales voted by 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent to leave the European Union in 2016.

Ms Saville-Roberts said: “One of the important things to mention, among all the promises that the Tory manifesto made, was that we wouldn’t be a penny worse off.

“Under the European structural funds, we got £375m a year, and under the levelling up funds, we get £121m.

“That’s quite a lot of pennies lost.”

Ms Bruce intervened: “But it is worth remembering that the people of Wales voted for Brexit.”

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The Plaid Cymru MP responded: “People voted for Brexit but no-one voted for that difference in the funding which Wales used to get.

“The Brexit premium has yet to reach us here. We certainly aren’t feeling it.

“And going back to the idea that Boris has the odd off-day.

“He has had the Owen Paterson sleaze. he has had the social care and the effect of raising national insurance will have.

“He has the promises on HS2. These are promises he made in the manifesto that he does not keep to.”


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