Blog: Online Christmas shoppers warned of a ‘nasty Brexit surprise’ –

An MEP has warned online shoppers they could get “a nasty Christmas Brexit surprise” as they order gifts from Britain.

hris MacManus says such purchases will be hit with duties and VAT which can include online orders made through Irish websites of British

MEP MacManus said: “Brexit continues to be bad for Ireland in every way and as Christmas approaches it will bring another nasty surprise for many. People ordering toys and gifts from British websites will be unaware that goods for personal use now attract duties and VAT which can hugely increase the total cost.”
“Worryingly, I am hearing very little official guidance on this issue which is

creating potential nasty financial surprises for families in the coming

weeks. I have written to the Revenue Commissioners and the Minister for

Finance to seek a more public campaign of information for consumers.”
The Midlands Northwest MEP had a word of warning for online shoppers.
“My advice to anybody thinking of ordering from a British website or indeed any website is to make sure that the goods will be shipped from inside the EU or otherwise be aware that duties and VAT will be added.”
“I am also concerned about anecdotal evidence of An Post warehouses being filled with goods ordered into Ireland from Britain, but then left in

limbo as consumers refuse to pay the duties and businesses refuse to

accept a return. Clarity is need for everybody to avoid nasty surprises

during what it is already an expensive and stressful time for so many

workers and families.”

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