Blog: Furious hotelier slams Commons for costing UK billions with months of Brexit protest – Daily Express

Mr Kenwright sat down with Nigel Farage on GB News segment Talking Pints to discuss the effects that and the pandemic have had on his business. The hotelier insisted the lengthy row between members of the House of Commons and Boris Johnson over the terms of the withdrawal deal in the run-up to December 2019 cost the UK billions. He also noted going from uncertainty about the future relationship the UK would have with the to the coronavirus pandemic delivered a severe blow to business.

Mr Kenwright said: “I think the start of it all going wrong for me was Brexit, so that is when it really went wrong for me.

“Obviously the country voted to leave and I absolutely agree with that.

“I think where we made a huge mistake as politicians are that we had the House of Parliament going against the Government”

“That spelt a disaster to the income and investors that come” the hotelier added before Nigel jumped in to take a jab at how the Government kept to their word about the new agreement for the UK to break away from the EU after “three and a half years of effectively Parliament not honouring the result”.

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MPs repeatedly clashed with Boris Johnson since he took over Number 10 with Theresa May over his negotiations with the European Union.

Mr Kenwright continued: “Well, it was cascading onwards wasn’t it so that noise got more and more sinister as time went on and as parliament went against the Government.

“I think it was in the August, it was literally like you could hear the screeching of the breaks of the money stopping coming to the country

“We are a small country but we are a massive fundraiser, a lot of money gets parked in this country, that stopped pretty much overnight.”

He continued “Until the election was won on the 12or 13 of December, when that happened then it was well everyone is away, so in January don’t worry the money going to start coming in again.

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“And then we have the pandemic and that derailed everyone because that was originally ‘let’s not worry about it’ you know ‘three weeks time we’re going to open up again’.”

The hotelier added: “I had a lot of fractional ownership, partners five or six hundred of them right around the country, right around the worlds and some of them did not want to listen they did not want to wait until we could open up again, so we had to put part of the business into administration.” 

Richard Hughes the Chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility said in a statement that he predicts that the pandemic will substantially reduce GDP by 4 percent in the long run.

Further predictions into the future showed an additional reduction of 2 percent. 


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He said: “In the long term it is the case that Brexit has a bigger impact than the pandemic.”

Mr Hughes’s comments came after the OBR said the cost of living could increase at its fastest rate seen for 30 years.

He also stated that recent data has shown the impact of the UK leaving the European Union has been “broadly consistent” with the OBR’s assumption that leaving the EU could “reduce our long-run GDP by around 4 percent.”

He added: “We think that the effect of the pandemic will reduce that (GDP) output by a further 2 percent.”

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