Blog: Brexit LIVE: EU ramps up retaliation measures against UK as bloc braces for ‘storm’ – Daily Express

Former MP Anna Soubry has accused the BBC of “airbrushing” the impact Britain’s departure from the EU has had on jobs.

The UK’s jobs market is experiencing record numbers of vacancies with nearly 2.7 million now being advertised.

Now, former Tory MP, Anna Soubry, has lashed out at the BBC for making a “mockery” of their “so-called impartiality”.

The staunch Remainer tweeted: “#Today reports record job vacancies – 2.7 million.

“In analysing why, there was no mention of the effect of #Brexit.

“But we know between 1/4 – 1 million+ #EU citizens left the UK since Brexit.

“Another example of #BBC airbrushing – making a mockery of their so-called impartiality.”

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