Blog: Disbelief and hilarity at Swindon MP’s claim Brexit has been delivered – Swindon Advertiser

However dark the days may be, however troubling and trying the last year and a half has been, the one source of consistent hilarity and jaw dropping disbelief remains Justin Tomlinson’s weekly column.

This week, in his latest central office issued cut and paste listing he really does excel himself.

Time and space limit a proper response but there are two areas where head scratching is de rigeur.

He states that Brexit has been “delivered”. If so, why is the oven ready deal trumpeted by his leader being re-negotiated, particularly for Northern Ireland?

Also, there are “20,000 more police officers” on the way. When Theresa May was Home Secretary, her department culled 20,000 police officers.

A simple piece of maths would tell anyone that the net gain of new police officers is…….zero !

Well done on levelling up (or is that down?).

Ged Meheran

Goddard Avenue


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Grateful thanks for cheerful service

As a visitor to Swindon, I would like to thank the staff at the town centre Shopmobility for their cheerful and professional service when they recently repaired my elderly father’s mobility scooter.

It was good to see that scooters could be hired from them for use around the shops.

Mark Iles



Brexit is bringing an unpleasant reality

The nightmare of post-Brexit trade is turning into an unpleasant reality for British people.

In particular, food shortages (along with rising rates of inflation) will see price increases passed on to consumers. This is alongside the cuts to Universal Credit as well, meaning the poorest in this country will be hit hardest.

Best for Britain, along with the UK Trade and Business Commission, has highlighted in a new report how post-Brexit trade challenges are causing hardships.

The Government needs to improve its outdated systems, push for a smoother deal with the EU and restore compassion to its politics by keeping the £20 uplift to Universal credit.

We cannot let one disaster simply lead to another.

Tony Martin

Calvert Road

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