Blog: LETTER: Pig industry troubles down to the ‘idiocy of Brexit’ – Powys County Times

Rattus likes pigs.

Where there are pigs there is always plenty of food and poorly run pig units often have rats.

They do their best to poison us but we are getting wiser.

Natural selection means that stupid greedy rats die quickly.

Rats are now wise and can spot poison bait easily. Pigs eat rats, of course, and may well pick up the unpleasant parasite Trichinosis.

Serves them right.

There are big problems in the pig industry with a backlog of pigs building up on farms because the huge processing units cannot cope.

All their workers went home to Lithuania.

Some idiocy called Brexit.

These pigs will have to be destroyed which is a hell of a waste, as they are overweight and cannot be processed.

Rattus is surprised that farmers put up with this nonsense without protest.

The best thing to do with overweight pigs is set them free – in central London.

Best remove the ear tags first.

After all, Rome has wild boar on the streets stealing people’s shopping.

Parliament Square would be a good place.

Rattus rattus

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