Blog: Brexit fishing row: Emmanuel Macron branded ‘eurofanatic’ as France threats to UK savaged – Daily Express

Brexit: Beaune says agreement must be ‘applied 100 percent’

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Last month the French were left furious after the UK Government approved just 12 of the 47 fishing licence applications it had received from French small boats. Just days later, the Jersey Government said it had rejected 75 of the 170 licence applications it had received from French vessels. France’s Foreign Affairs Minister Clement Beaune has warned EU member states are preparing to announce measures to force the UK to abide by the terms of the Brexit deal.

He didn’t provide detail on what those measures might entail but noted Britain depends on energy supplies it receives from Europe – hinting at a possible electricity blackout.

The latest furious row has also seen French fishing industry representatives threaten to block the port of Calais and stop exports to the UK in the run-up to Christmas.

Generation Frexit President Charles-Henri Gallois has launched a furious attack against Emmanuel Macron’s right-hand man, branding his attempted threats “ridiculous” and said he should be blaming the EU and not the UK over signing up to a “bad deal”.

But he has also raged at the French President, describing him as a “eurofanatic” who can’t accept France is now part of what it sees as a hugely disappointing Brexit deal signed by the EU.

breix france fishing

Brexit news: Emmanuel Macron has come under attack as the fishing row with the UK boils over (Image: GETTY)

brexit emmanuel macron

Brexit news: Emmanuel Macron has been branded a ‘eurofanatic’ (Image: GETTY)

When asked about the threats from France’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Gallois told “It’s quite ridiculous, above all when he says ‘Brexit deal should be implemented fully’.

“Basically, the UK is implementing it.

“It was a bad deal signed by the EU but Macron cannot acknowledge that as an eurofanatic.

“The deal included that the boats allowed to fish until 2026 were the ones that were fishing between 2016 and 2020.

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brexit france clement beaune

Brexit news: Clement Beaune launched a furious attack against the UK (Image: GETTY)

“Many small French boats have no recording systems so they cannot prove it. The deal was badly negotiated, and he should blame the EU for that.”

He added: “Then the threat of cutting energy or transport is quite childish and counterproductive.

“French companies have big interests in the UK.

“We have common interests to have good relationships and to develop nuclear energy in the UK, for example, if we want to tackle climate change.

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brexit lord frost

Brexit news: Lord Frost hit back at the warning from Clement Beaune (Image: GETTY)

brexit uk eu deal

Brexit news: The UK and EU signed a trade deal at the end of last year (Image: GETTY)

“Beaune is quite irresponsible and acting like a eurofanatic.”

On Friday, Mr Beaune launched yet another attack against Brexit Britain, warning French fishermen must not pay for the failure of Britain’s departure from the EU.

He told BFM TV: “They failed on Brexit. It was a bad choice.

“Threatening us, threatening our fishermen, will not settle their supply of turkey at Christmas.

brexit timeline

Brexit news: The key moments that led to the UK’s departure from the EU (Image: EXPRESS)

“We will hold firm. The Brits need us to sell their products.”

Earlier this week, the leading French minister launched a furious outburst towards, hinting at retaliatory measures over the UK’s stance on the Brexit deal hinting the UK’s energy supplies could be impacted.

He raged: “We defend our interests. We do it nicely, and diplomatically, but when that doesn’t work, we take measures.

“For example, we can imagine, since we’re talking about energy, the United Kingdom depends on our energy supplies.

“It thinks that it can live all alone, and bash Europe.”

But the UK’s Brexit minister Lord Frost quickly hit back, warning France needs to be “proportionate” over the ongoing fishing row.

He said it was “unreasonable” to suggest the UK was acting in bad faith when it came to allocating post-Brexit fishing licences to French boats, instead, arguing London had been “extremely generous” to EU requests.

Lord Frost told a Conservative Party conference fringe event: “We have granted 98 percent of the licence applications from EU boats to fish in our waters according to the different criteria in the Trade and Co-operation Agreement, so we do not accept that we are not abiding by that agreement.

“We have been extremely generous and the French, focusing in on a small category of boats and claiming we have behaved unreasonably, I think is not really a fair reflection of the efforts we have made.”

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