Blog: ‘This is Brexit’ Rejoiners fume at grown men ‘in tears’ as hundreds of pigs culled – Express

The rejoiners took to Twitter in protest against the culling – with many placing the blame on Brexit. The National Pig Association (NPA) have said that, due to the recent worker shortages, at least 600 swine have been killed.

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies spoke to Sky News about the culling of the pigs and said she has seen “grown men in tears” as a result.

Ms Davies told Sky News: “These are animals that they have reared, fed, looked after, cared for.

“To actually then kill something that’s perfectly healthy to then go in the bin – it’s just criminal.”

Ms Davies also made clear that the situation did not look as though it was going to improve any time soon – despite a £37,500 wage being offered to the workers.

However, Rejoiners on Twitter were quick to place the blame for worker shortages on Brexit.

Alex Taylor has worked on French TV and dealt with all-things Europe over 30 years of his career in TV.

Mr Taylor tweeted: “This is truly awful.

“These pigs are now being killed, not even as food but simply because no one in Johnson’s government figured that if you sent the abattoir workers home, there wouldn’t be enough abattoir workers to “process” them.

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“This is Brexit.

“No other country is doing this.”

@Epidemiology76 tweeted: “Gotta live Brexit.

“Plenty of people moaning they need their £20 UC uplift, extra jobs going as abattoir workers, just tell the UC claimants to turn up and work.”

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@BritishAlba tweeted: “Pay staff more, improve working conditions, pay more to train staff. Problem solved.

“The solution is not to turn back on the uncontrolled cheap foreign labour tap.

“Businesses are going to have to learn that era is over.

“Time for some cold turkey.”

@elkeigh1 also suggested there may be another reason for workers not returning, with a veiled hint at the pandemic.

They tweeted: “The article says workers went home due to Covid.

“I wonder why they didn’t come back since.

“Was there some change in circumstance between March 2020 and today which might explain it and which the article didn’t mention? Complete mystery.”

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