Blog: Tories were warned about both the impact of Brexit and the lack of PPE – The National

JUST a reminder that the chaos we are now facing was entirely predictable.

Not only was the shortage of skilled staff – including NHS workers, lorry drivers, vets and dentists — predicted by those who were campaigning to remain in the EU, and also in a government report called Yellowhammer. Our Prime Minister, obsessed as he is by controlling immigration, took no action.

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He seems to prefer to ignore official reports. He did nothing about the desperate shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, predicted in the Cygnus report into our readiness to handle a flu epidemic. Instead, he panicked and spent around £1 billion on equipment which did not meet the WHO standards and could not be used – just one of his failures during the Covid pandemic.

The poor electorate are likely to have to wait for at least a couple of years before the tragedy that is a Boris Johnson government can end. We in Scotland do have an alternative. We must opt for the freedom to decide our own future, and soon!

Pete Rowberry
via email

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