Blog: Letter on Brexit and the Covid pandemic – The Argus

LAURENCE Keeley’s article Growing Problem, is somewhere nearer the truth of the debate about why many voted to leave in the Brexit referendum, then that of Kenny Lloyds Predictable theory that we just wanted to throw out all immigrants. For the real problem we were facing with free-movement was of our country’s infrastructure.

We did not have enough houses to house those families that turned up at many council offices with just a suitcase demanding to be housed, just like those that are crossing the channel in boats.

Then with the strain it put on our hospitals and our schools.

READ MORE: Migrants detained at Eastbourne’s Sovereign Harbour after crossing English Channel

If we had kept our industry, when the Covid pandemic struck we would not have had the panic buying of the surgical equipment we did not have. The EU’s slow response to the pandemic was their usual political method running their affairs. We would have been in dire trouble if we had stayed in.

Let me quote what Boris Johnson said at a PMQ’s when the opposition leader complained of the response to those that had signed up to registering to stay. His reply was that 5 million had signed up, then he remarked that it was 2 million more than that of what the Government had thought were already here. That did not cover those that had already gone home and those that are refusing to sign because of the cost of registering.

The EU had warned Gordon Brown when he signed the Lisbon treaty, EU immigrants would be only in the thousands. When has the EU ever got their estimation figures right? When they told France, Italy, Spain and Portugal that changing to the Euro would result in a 10 to 15 per cent increase devaluation in their economies, it was more a 15 to 2o per cent increase. But let’s not look at all our problems as due to Brexit, but the world is facing an economic decline because of Covid.

Spencer Carvil

Egginton Road


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