Blog: ‘You lost, get over it!’ Brexiteers mock Remainers who hijacked Proms with EU flags – Express

The Last Night of the Proms took place in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday night, and saw Remainers display pro-EU emblems around the venue. A number of Remainer demonstrators also donned blue and gold berets, particularly popular for anti-Brexit campaigners from 2016. One mocking comment read: “Wave as many EU flags as you like but you lost and that’s the end of it.” Another was more detailed in their reaction to the Remain protesters.

They said: “I’m not bothered in the slightest, in fact I pity them, they must know waving flags will achieve the square root of pluck all, nothing at all is going to change, all waving flags does, is let people know, after five years, they’ve still not moved on with their life, they are still trying to suckle the teat of the EU, which has gone forever, bless their little toff cotton socks.”

“If Remoaners want to wave their EU flags it’s up to them,” began another. “[A]lthough they are doing it intentionally at the Last Night of the Proms to be provocative. It does not detract from the fact that they lost the democratic vote and we’re out.”

One commenter dismissed the protesters, saying: “Nothing new here. These numpties have been doing this for several years now.”

Another adopted a similar tone, claiming the pro-EU flags and berets were “[b]est ignored. they just make themselves look so infantile and frankly stupid at such a British occasion.”

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One pro-EU group, the EU Flag Mafia, said they distributed 10,000 EU flags “in support of Gigging British Musicians in trouble due to a failed Brexit”.

The flags accompanied demonstrations outside the Royal Albert Hall by musicians and artists.

They claimed freedom of movement restrictions post-Brexit had made it much more difficult for them to tour and play in the EU.

This is not the first time the Proms have been the target of Remainer protests.

In 2017, Nigel Farage denounced EU flag-wavers for “trying to make it all about them.”

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He told the Guardian: “These people are still in denial over the referendum result.”

“The British people want to leave the EU no matter how many flags they fly.”

Again, in 2019, an estimated 50,000 pro-EU flags were distributed on the Last Night of the Proms.

The organising Remainer group, the EU Flags Proms Team, described their motivation: “We were keen to demonstrate that it is possible to be patriotic at the same time as maintaining a European and internationalist identity.”

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