Blog: Hilary Mantel just wants to sneer at Britain after Brexit – The Times

Hilary Mantel has said she is applying for Irish citizenship to “become a European again”


As a Briton, Hilary Mantel didn’t cease to be European due to Brexit (“Booker winner plots move to Ireland ‘to be European again’”, News, last week). Is she aware that her beloved EU has adopted very strict measures to deal with illegal immigrants?

Is she aware that even after Brexit, Britain still takes in an unsustainable number of hundreds of thousands immigrants every year? Since the Blair era, the UK increases its population every decade by roughly the size of Birmingham.

Controlled immigration has benefits, but the mass, loosely regulated kind on an already overpopulated island is insanity. Mantel is just another left-wing self-hating Briton with distant connections to Ireland hoping to relocate here to sneer across the Irish Sea at decent people who

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