Blog: Brexit LIVE: Moaning Campbell brutally shut down as Rejoiner lashes out at EU ‘disaster’ – Daily Express

Mr Campbell, ex-Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair’s former press secretary, has made little secret of his opposition to Britain’s decision to quit the bloc. And he was at it again last night, commenting on a clip in which Simon Gardner from Varfell Farms, UK’s biggest daffodil producer, said labour shortages were on the verge of forcing him out of business.

JUST IN: Get a backbone and scrap the deal! Brexiteer fumes at Boris

Mr Campbell posted: “Brexit. The disaster that keeps on disastering.

“How long can the political class keep pretending it is anything other than a catastrophe for the country that sector by sector so much damage is being done?”

However, he was given short shrift by many of those who responded to his tweet.

Phillip Cutts said: “Boring. It’s like listening to a war bore in the pub. It’s behind us. Eyes front.”

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Another poster added: “Brexit is a disaster for Campbell, mainly because of his pathetic attempts at stopping it.

“So of course he is going to say it’s a disaster. Hollow words as we have come to expect from him.”

Nevertheless, not everyone disagreed with the former Mirror journalist.

Rich Parr said: “Mr Campbell has taken a lot of stick over the years for his methods, but his approach was intelligent, structured, ruthless and devastating, as the Tories of the day had a moral and ideological framework. Boris et al have none.

“The Brexit Lie will continue until the UK is broken.”


7.27am update:

Boris Johnson should show some “backbone” and order the suspension of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a prominent Brexiteer has said in the wake of comments by European Commissioner Maros Sefcovic.

But former Brexit Party MEP  said both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit Minister  lack the “courage” necessary to protect the Union in the face of ongoing pressure from Brussels.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Sefcovic, whose role encompasses responsibility for the Protocol, said any attempt to renegotiate the post- agreement between the EU and the UK Government would result in “instability, uncertainty and unpredictability”.

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