Blog: NHS got MORE than £350m after Brexit! MP makes claim on ‘eye-watering’ numbers – Express

Cherilyn Mackrory, the Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth who has put forward these claims, spoke with BBC Cornwall about the funding provided to the NHS. In the interview, Ms Mackrory stated the NHS has received £400million a week in extra funding since Britain left the European Union.

The now-infamous promise made on the side of the Leave campaign’s bus was witnessed by many across the countries as the bus went on a tour during the campaign.

The promise was given that there would be an extra £350million a week given to the NHS as additional funding – rather than using that £350million to send to other countries within the EU as part of the bloc.

As well as these claims, Ms Mackrory has said that the new ‘health and social care levy’ which has recently been introduced by the Government and will cause the National Insurance to rise by around ten per cent in total, is being used not for the day-to-day funding but more the ‘extras’ required by the NHS.

Ms Mackrory has stated after speaking with some people in the NHS, she has not received any complaints about the funding given to the health service.

Speaking to BBC Radio Cornwall, Ms Mackrory said that those who work at Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske “never criticize the money coming from Government.”

She continued: “I think we’ve exceeded that (the promise to fund the NHS by £350 million a week), the actual sum it’s got is something like £400million.

“Since Covid started, we’ve had something like £407billion pounds go into the NHS, these numbers sound just like figures but when you draw down to how much money this is, I keep using the phrase eye-watering, there is so much money in the NHS at the moment.”

The radio presenter for BBC Radio Cornwall then questioned the MP asking “if that’s the case, why are things so bad in our health service”, to which Ms Mackrory replied: “I have spoken to people who work in Treliske and help manage Treliske and they never criticise the money coming from Government.

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“Everything they ask for, they get. It is not a money issue, it is a crisis issue and one that has been compounded by a global pandemic.

We’ve had thousands of people in Cornwall, millions across the UK which have not come forward for vital treatment and now we have to clear the backlog and it’s that simple.”

The MP confirmed that she would be voting in favour of the new tax increases which have been proposed by the Government.

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This funding is set to include funding of around £36billion across Britain, and will; be put towards both the NHS and the social care sectors.

The £36billion is set to be split into £12billion for the NHS and health care sectors across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There is also set to be £10 billion given towards the social care sectors and the NHS in England, with the rest of the total money being given to any other liabilities and plans which have not yet been announced.

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